Offering Manhattan quality and work organization in Puerto Rico

Offering Manhattan quality and work organization in Puerto Rico


Solid Core Construction

New professional Construction Group in Puerto Rico, we provide entire spectrum of services under one team:
Solid Core Construction – GC, CM,
Solid Core Structures – Concrete services, foundations and structures up to 30 stories,
Solid Core Interiors – high end finishes and custom millwork
Solid Core Air Consulting – HAVC
Solid Core Design Consulting – Plumbing
principals are experienced professionals in all aspects of the business of construction and are focused on enhancing our client’s interests by creating value.
Our experience working on some of the most logistically challenging sites in NYC, Miami and PR, our ability to organize work environments gives us a competitive advantage and helps us design a project-specific plan based on client needs, program, or market conditions.
We have been involved in our own development projects for many years. We understand the process of what’s needed to bring a project to fruition.
Solid Core can provide Clients with the right tools needed for their specific project that will enable them to get the job done professionally and on time.

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